Upcoming P-TECH students

I sat down with Ms. March, the counselor for P-TECH students, and asked her some questions about the new (2017 – 2018) freshman group, including what they will look like and what they’re going to do this summer.
How many upcoming PTECH students are we expected to have?

We should have about 57 to 58 new P-TECH students for next year. They are from Timberline, Trail Ridge, and other schools within the St. Vrain Valley School District.

How did you choose the students for this program?

Students at middle schools were presented the P-TECH program while studying ICAP (Individual Career & Academic Plan) in their classes. Once students know and understand the P-TECH program, they can apply online. In the application process, students need two reference forms from current teachers. The application asks questions about each student’s career aspirations and future goals. The application selection committee reads the responses and sends out a letter to the students who are accepted. Then students and parents must attend a meeting to make sure each student understands the true commitment to the P-TECH program and the responsibilities of being a college student and an IBM mentee.

What types of fields are the upcoming students want? How is summer going to be for them?

The upcoming students are still not certain which career pathways they wish to explore. We will have our summer school transition class again. In this class, we create our ICAP google slides where students research the four different areas of concentration at Front Range for the Associate’s of Applied Science degree (Computer Information Systems, Programming, Web Design Development and Database Administration).
What are some of the decisions made in the field of study when joining this program?

Jilissa – wants to be a surgeon. The reason she chose P-TECH is because the whole medical field is becoming more technical and many surgeries are performed using robotics. She wants to understand programming so she will know what her instruments are doing when she operates. Also she says that having her associate’s degree will help get her through college faster.

David V. – wants to be a programmer. He would like to immediately get a job with IBM and start to work right after graduating P-TECH. He is also excited about possible international travel with IBM because he is bilingual (English/Spanish).

The Summer P-TECH program involves:
Getting to know one another (students and teachers)
Group Activities
Doing a presentations to show interest
What is going to be taught the first semester
Field Trips
Front Range Community College

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