Decorating Graduation Caps

Decorating a graduation cap has turned into a tradition for young graduates , or at least it seems like a tradition since so many people decorate their caps.


You might not be super sure of what you want your cap to look like, but I have gathered some fun ideas here that you can use for inspiration. If you already have an idea of what your cap is going to look like, well,  just enjoy the pictures!


These are just some ideas to get your mind going!


These are just some creative ideas. They can be simple or feel free to go crazy with that imagination.


I have been notified that there are some rules for decorating your cap.

The rules are:

  1. Nothing 3D
  2. Nothing hanging off the sides of the cap
  3. Must be appropriate

Those are the rules that Skyline asks us to follow, if we want to be able to decorate our caps. Please make sure you follow them because f any of the rules are broken on the day of graduation, you will be given a plain cap to wear instead. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please see Mr.Stephens. Other than that, go wild and use that special quote in a creative way. Have fun seniors, and may the path to your future be clear!

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