P-TECH Summer Classes & Summer Work

Summer Coursework
What are the benefits of taking the P-TECH Summer Classes?

Some P-TECH students are taking computer science classes this summer to further their computer skills. One class is called Tech 1. This class prepares students for two Front Range courses that they will have next year: CNG 121 and CNG 122. This Tech 1 class will jumpstart students who are looking to be certified in CompTia IT. Tech 2 is another course, which many P-TECH students will also take this summer. In Tech 2, students will be schooled in Apple support systems. Once a student passes this course, he/she will have the opportunity to become a Certified Apple Technician.

Where will they be held?
These classes will be held at the Innovation Center in St. Vrain Valley.
Who is the instructor?

Thom Ingram

IBM internship

Where are they going to work?

Innovation Academy Summer Co-op (IA Co-op)
PTECH students are being invited to work at the IA Summer Co-op


Rebecca Peters
The IBM & SVVSD Innovation Academy (IA) is a summer program offered to Kindergarten through 5th graders in St Vrain. Students work alongside IBM engineers, St Vrain educators, and student mentors while they learn design thinking through themes provided by IBM’s smarter planet initiatives.

PTECH students are being invited to work at and mentor younger students:

IA summer co-op students will work with these elementary students, with IA administrators, and with IBM engineers to create a positive and inspiring camp for the participants, while learning about designing for a smarter planet. Co-op students will gain experience

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