Finals Week!

Semester 2 Finals are approaching!

Finals will take place May 22nd – May 24th;
Monday, May 22nd: Periods 1, 2, and 3
Tuesday, May 23rd: Periods 5, 6, and 7
Wednesday, May 24th: Periods 4, and 8.
Also if students need to, they may take makeup tests from 10:46 to 12:17PM.

On the first two days of finals, students will go home at 12:17 to keep studying for the next exams and to get some much needed rest.
Wednesday’s exams will conclude at 10:39 AM (unless a student wishes to stay longer to take a makeup test).

Finally, students will be dismissed for summer vacation!

So now that we know the final exam schedule, what are some tips for passing finals with good marks?

Tips for passing exams!

  1. Review your class notes and other worksheets.
    Probably one of the most important steps, review will help you know information on the tests!
  2. Start studying at least a week prior to the exams.
    Preparation cannot begin soon enough!
  3. Break up your studying into smaller chunks rather than reviewing an individual subject all at once. Or, if you do study all at once, make sure to focus on one subject a day to stay focused and maintain clarity.
    This will help information retention.
  4. Watch review videos!
    Sometimes, someone else talking helps information sink in. A great website for review is Khan Academy! If you want to check their site out click here!
  5. Ask your teacher questions if you are confused. 
    Getting clarification helps ease test stresses.
  6. Get lots of sleep the night before!
    This is key to focus well on an exam.
  7. Eat a good breakfast in the morning. (Protein is important.)
  8. Gear up for your exams, and good luck!

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