Skyline Students Testify For Bill HB17-1184

In the month of February, five students from Skyline High School were asked to testify for bill HB17-1184. The bill asked for a pathway in public education that allows for a larger and more significant computer science curriculum. The students that testified were: Adriana Guzman, Jerry Vazquez, David Vazquez, Logan Stype, and Genesis Vasquez. Along with them were Michelle Tran and Katelyn Wojniak, who are also Skyline students.

Each student showed truthful commitment and gave meaningful purpose to why they wanted the bill to pass. Jerry Vazquez, a Skyline junior, testified to Colorado State Representatives. Jerry offered a brief verbal description of how it felt being at the capitol building and why he chose to testify, saying: “I thought it would serve students throughout Colorado who have similar technological advantages that Skyline possesses. I wanted to become a part of something political and influence the state. From my experience it was AMAZING to testify and be apart of something that will leave behind something for future generations!”

Adriana, a freshman at Skyline High School, described her experience testifying in the House:

“I testified for this bill because I knew how many students it would affect. This bill can help students in the long run by supporting their future by giving them more opportunities for future jobs. Providing the skills and materials to help learn computer science. From my experience, it was such a thrill to be there at the bill signing. Also, having the opportunity to speak to Channel 4 News, as well meet the governor of Colorado, was a once in a lifetime.”

Adriana was with Governor Hickenlooper as he signed the bill and turned it into a law, as was David Vazquez and Genesis Vasquez.

Each participating student dedicated their time to this bill in order to touch students’ lives. The students recognize all students have the desire to expand their horizons and have many options in education.

I’m Genesis Vasquez and I participated because I wanted to set this as law for students because I want all students to have the same opportunities as I have in the PTECH program. I’ve always wanted to create a change in this world, and now I feel as if I have left my mark in Colorado. Knowing that I helped impact students’ lives makes me feel amazing because what I have done will go on to impact others. It was a great cause and now kids like myself can develop the choices I have.

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