Summer Activities

Colorado is the Centennial State filled with the Rocky Mountains and bipolar weather conditions. There appears to be several places with excellent summertime activities in this state, and they all hold their pros and cons.
As an example, Elitch Gardens is a theme/water park in Denver. It opens in April and closes in October. It’s a very popular place where many people go. They feature several fun rides such as The Mind Eraser and The Boomerang, and they have small food stops. You can get tickets for a cheaper cost at Kings Soopers or you can get a season pass, which means you won’t have to pay every time you go.
Now, there’s plenty of animal lovers in the world, which is why Colorado has the Denver Zoo! It has showings, exhibits, shopping and dining. There has also this beautiful sight in Colorado Springs called Garden of the Gods. If you enjoy hiking and looking at the mountains this is a great place to visit.
For an alternative to the zoo, you can visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary. They preserve the animals in steel cages, the ones who are ill or dying, any animal that needs to be saved. And they contribute them wide-open habitats. They’re not in cages, they are free to be and the most cool matter about is that you can witness them being free as well. According to their website there’s no other property like them, they have elevated walkways and observation decks to protect the sovereignty and animal’s dominion.

If you like seeing your favorite artist in concert, Colorado has the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It has 4.9 stars, great bass, a good deal of parking, and to a greater extent. It is fairly popular and a deal of top-notch artists perform there each year.
Water world is a very popular water park in Federal Heights. It has real good reviews and dozens of rides. Some of the rides they have been The Screamin’ Mimi, Pirate’s Plunge, Spacebowl/Pranktank, Zoomerang, and The Revolution. You can hold birthday parties there or other group events. Tickets are under sixty dollars. It’s a great place for your friends and family.
Colorado is filled with so many places to consider, to do activities and it is a good time for everybody. From hiking, to swimming, roller coasters, and concerts. The fun doesn’t stop.

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