High Poets Society

B. Abbott is the author of this poetry book called High Poets Society. At the end of the book it says, “I created High Poets Society in December of 2014 as an outlet, a way to give my words to the world after hiding them for so long. I wrote my first poem in 2005 after reading a book of poetry by Tupac Shakur. The way Tupac expressed love, heartache, victory, defeat; inspired me to express those same parts of myself.” I have actually read the book of poems by Tupac Shakur myself and B.Abbott isn’t wrong, the way Tupac expressed himself through words was remarkable. And in High Poets Society, he did the same. He wrote several poems that fall into different categories and genres. Some are about love, pain, and joy. Personally I love poetry, some poems are very short and others tend to be longer than expected. Although, the way that some poets can write a short amount of words that mean so much more than you would lead on amazes me. For example here is a poem from High Poets Society, “Somewhere between the sea and the sky; exist two souls with one heart and one mind”(164). Personally, I feel like a lot of teenagers would be interested in reading a book like this. It’s so truthful and real, it spoke to my soul and I feel like it could do the same to others. Just the way the author expressed himself, and the poems it contains, it would definitely hook somebody to read it. Here is a couple other poems that were my favorites, “I’m having mixed feelings. I can’t stop the spinning of the ceiling. I’m so dizzy drunk. About to throw up. I run to the restroom there’s nothing else I can do. All because of the words “I love you” uttered by the person who I love too”(64). There’s just something about love poems that get me, even though I have never experienced love, it just seems as one of the most beautiful things to ever feel for one another. B.Abbott uses his words so brilliantly that he makes me think, he makes me wonder, he gives me goosebumps. And that’s how I know that these poems are full with truth because not just any type of writing or book can make a person feel that. You have to have a real good way with words to sweep them off their feet, and that’s practically what he does with his poems. Here is another example of his words would hook a person on his reading, “Give me passion which never tires, love which never strays. Kiss me with some violence, which leaves bruises the next day. Show me what I’ve been missing, in a way which I can’t forget and I’ll return it all. So, why haven’t you made move yet?”(165). Something about this one just gives me the feeling that I have gotten with other books that had my attention. The way it would be was I couldn’t stop reading even if I wanted to because it was that good, I had to know what would happen next, it was like I couldn’t get enough; like all addicts have an addiction to a drug it’s like mine would be the storyline. This book is available in a lot of places, online and at Barnes and Noble, I hope if anybody ends up buying it they enjoy it as much as I did.

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