High School Experience

This year flew by fast like no other. High school made me realize several things–both good and bad. I’ve come to realize that it really is different from middle school. You lose friends who you thought you wouldn’t lose, but you also gain some whom you thought you wouldn’t ever talk to. High school is filled with experiences and this is just the beginning of it.
Before I started my freshman year, my cousins and older friends told me to never ditch, and that I’d end up struggling later if I did. They said that freshman year was really important because it’s the start of high school.
Each year will probably be different. New people, new friends, new struggles. That’s what high school is about. I’m very glad I got to be in Newspaper as it is such an amazing class. At the beginning of Newspaper I thought I wouldn’t be doing anything and that I would just be slacking off. However, I changed. I started doing my work, which I’m very happy about. I got to meet such great people and an amazing teacher. We’re all able to just laugh, and have fun while we do our work. It wasn’t such a big class, so I liked that about Newspaper too. This semester we did pretty well on getting articles done, and it was only us ten girls. Unfortunately, Newspaper won’t be a class next year. We still don’t know if it will be a club for the upcoming year. I hope it will be though, because Newspaper was actually pretty fun with really cool people. Other than struggling about getting good grades, this year was pretty fun. I got close to people who mean a lot to me now. For next year, i’m looking forward to actually end the school year with good grades, but also to have fun and not take life too seriously.

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