Third Grade – 3D App Icons

This past quarter I had the opportunity to have 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders in my room. Remember the giant level in Super Mario Brothers 3? Yeah, that’s what my room is like to the wee kiddos.
Last year I had 5th graders working on this project with a lot of success, and they really connected with the concept of filling the role as designer. Combined with clay, they enjoyed this project immensely.

This project is based off of a resource I found that was an app icon only, and I extended it into a 3D project with the theme of creating an app that might help or solve a problem that 3rd graders have, either at home or at school. Feel free to download the planning sheet I created here for your use. 

Concepts we explored include:

  • What makes a good app design?
  • What makes an app icon recognizable?
  • How are the principles of design used in the most recognizable apps?
  • What are some apps that you use frequently?
  • What is the most important thing about your app design, and how might it translate to an icon?

Below are works in progress alongside their planning sheet, with many initial ideas changing once clay construction began.