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Humor: A Serious Weapon in the Fight Against Stress

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May 01

May 2017 Healthy Heros

David Zuniga & Carly Ertle are May’s co-Healthy Heros!

May’s Healthy Heros of the Month were nominated by Jerri Mason, SVVSD’s Nurse Care Coach. David and Carly are coworkers at Black Rock Elementary. On the nomination form, Jerri says the following about the pair. “David and Carly are very motivated to achieve their health goals and are super supportive of one another.  They never give up on trying to find ways to improve their health. They are both very inspirational.”

Your commitment to fitness is inspiring. What does your personal fitness routine look like?

Carly – My personal fitness routine has always been a part of my life. I am in the process of modifying it and trying to figure out the perfect formula for my body. I eat healthy most of the time. I have recently started watching my sugar intake, and am now going to cut back on carbs. I work out 5 days a week. This includes cardio, weights, and resistance training.

David – My personal fitness routine is watching my portions, adding more fruits and veggies and exercise daily.

What are some things you do to prioritize healthy living?

Carly – I make myself get up in the morning and workout. Sometimes it’s hard, but I feel so much better when I do. I am constantly watching what I eat and constantly trying to add in new and healthy foods.

David – I like to schedule time to work out daily.

What are your favorite healthy foods?

Carly – I am a very picky eater, so sometimes this is hard. I love most fruits and veggies. Protein is hard for me.  I think one of my downfalls is I find what I like and that’s what I stick with. I have recently found a love for blackberries and edamame.

David – My favorite healthy foods are oranges and asparagus.

What would you like to see in our schools to promote healthy living for SVVSD employees?

Carly – I would like to see friendly challenges amongst the staff. ie … the plank challenge, steps challenge, weight loss, eating healthy, sharing recipes.

David – I would like to see healthy living ideas be more available (could be a website page).

What would be your Personal Healthy Tip?

Carly – Take time for yourself. It’s important.

David – Don’t forget to exercise daily, it really makes a difference!


Great job supporting each other to maintain healthy lifestyles and habits, David & Carly!

You two rock!

May 01

What’s in Season in May?


Apr 24

50 Ways to Take a Break

Apr 17

7 Tips For Promoting Positivity in Your Workspace

PositivityYou’ve heard it before: positivity boosts employee wellness. Practicing positivity and optimism has been linked to numerous health benefits, increased productivity, and less stress. Optimistic employees are also happier and more involved in their work, so it’s really a win-win all around.

Whether you’re the employee or the employer, you can make a difference by being a positive presence in your workplace. Promoting positivity on a daily basis will help your employees and/or co-workers start looking on the brighter side of things. After all, positivity is contagious!

Here are seven tips to help you promote positivity in your workplace:

Show gratitude. Seeing the positive qualities in others helps bring out the positive qualities in yourself. Gratitude expands your happiness and can transform your way of thinking. Gratitude is especially helpful in the workplace because it helps develop respect, trust, and mutual appreciation among peers. Help spread gratitude by complimenting colleagues and spreading random acts of kindness.

Use positive messaging. Remember that words are powerful. Positive messaging means using words that are laced with optimism. Communicating in a positive and constructive way will change the way your listeners receive your feedback. Your communication should be personal, encouraging, passionate, and empowering. Plus, a positive message will always have more impact.

Practice thankfulness. We all crave some recognition or praise for our efforts. A simple “thank you” really does go a long way. Make it a habit to thank someone for their work at least once a day, but remember to keep it genuine. Part of practicing thankfulness is learning to realize when you are thankful for something. Did a colleague’s idea from a meeting truly inspire you? Did someone go out of their way to make your day even just a little bit easier? Send them a quick email or stop by their desk and let them know.

Appreciate the little wins. It’s easy to celebrate a major milestone, but remembering to celebrate the steps along the way can be difficult. Every goal requires smaller steps of action, and most of the time those actions get overlooked. Remember to always appreciate the little wins and give recognition to the employees who might be “behind the scenes” of a big accomplishment.

Smile. Even when you don’t feel like it. The simple act of turning your frown upside down can help boost positive thoughts and feelings. Smiling tricks your mind into feeling happier. A genuine smile is also crazy contagious. Even if a sale just fell through or numbers are down, smiling at your co-workers helps remind them–and yourself–that everything will be okay.

Develop relationships. Fostering healthy work relationships is essential for a positive work environment. Find ways to create relatedness among your colleagues. Social gatherings and regular check-ins at work are great ways to develop healthy relationships with employees, co-workers, and supervisors. Be careful not to get tunnel vision when it comes to creating work relationships. For the most positive work environment, you want to develop trust and respect for all levels of superiority within your company.

Know your mission. Your company or team mission is extremely important. Understanding the “why” behind what you do helps spread positivity – even on the worst workdays. When the office is down in the dumps and needs a positive pick-me-up, remind yourself and your team of the “why” behind your company and your jobs.

Positivity is powerful because it increases your coping abilities and builds resilience. You will have days when promoting positivity and a positive attitude seem next to impossible, but it’s important to remember that you have the power to see the good in any situation. Spreading positivity will not only strengthen your mindset, but it will help build the mindset of those around you.


Apr 08

What’s in Season in April?


Apr 06

11 Healthy Hobbies You Can Start Today

Healthy HobbiesPracticing a lifestyle of holistic wellness includes more than eating right and working out. It also includes making time for yourself and doing things you love. Spending your down time on your favorite hobbies benefits your overall wellbeing in many ways.

According to a 2015 study, engaging in leisure activities was defined as “self-selected, self-rewarding behavioral pursuits that take place during non-work time.” Participants in this study who engaged in leisure activities were found to be happier, less bored, less stressed, and had lower heart rates. Leisure activities were also implied to be a great way to increase productivity and job performance, as they help boost creativity and give your brain a much-needed break.

There are plenty of healthy hobbies besides going to the gym that are great for your health and wellness. Here are 11 healthy hobbies that you can start today to boost your wellbeing:

Dancing. This pastime has been shown to promote heart health, strengthen bones, and manage a healthy weight. Not only is dancing wonderful exercise, but it’s a lot of fun too! There are many different types of dancing, from hip-hop to ballroom. Taking some dancing classes will help you discover which type of dancing suits you the best, plus you’ll meet some new friends too!

Cooking. Learning to cook nutritious meals is great for your health and financial health. Cooking healthy meals at home meals saves you money in the long-run, and it’s a great way to bond with your family as well.

Volunteering. Having a presence in your community is great for your emotional and social health. Volunteering can help keep you physically and mentally active. Giving back will also give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Gardening. There are many unexpected health benefits of gardening. Getting your hands dirty has been shown to decrease stress and promote self-esteem. It’s also a great way to get in some physical activity while it improves your hand strength and dexterity. Another perk of gardening? Beautiful flowers to decorate your home and delicious vegetables to add to your dinner!

Owning a pet. Animals have been shown to improve wellbeing on both a physical and mental level. Owning a pet decreases the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety. On the physical side of things, owning a pet has been shown to lower blood pressure and help keep you active.

Music. While music can be difficult to pick up after a certain age, it’s definitely not impossible. Playing an instrument is fantastic for boosting creativity and happiness. Music also improves visual and verbal skills and reduces depression and anxiety.

Yoga. One of the best things about yoga is that is beneficial for any age and any fitness level. Yoga increases physical strength, boosts energy, and promotes cardio and circulatory health. Yoga is also an excellent way to practice mindfulness, which will leave you less stressed and more productive.

Walking. Regular brisk walking is incredible for weight management and your overall physical health. While walking may not sound like the ideal way to spend your free time, walking clubs and hiking make this healthy hobby and an enjoyable and versatile way to promote wellness.

Traveling. Planning a trip and hitting the road is sincerely satisfying for anyone who loves to explore or try something new. Traveling and experiencing new cultures shifts your perspective and promotes self-discovery. It offers you a chance to meet and connect with people so you can learn and grow. Traveling will also keep you active and on your feet.

Reading. Pick up a book! The mental benefits of reading are too good to pass up. Reading has been shown to increase mental stimulation, reduce stress, improve memory, and boost concentration. Not only is reading a good book fun and entertaining, it also produces a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

Writing. Journaling, blogging or even creative writing serves as an outlet for self-expression. Writing for leisure has been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep. If you chose to share your writing with the public, it’s also a great way to form connections with other people who have similar interests.

The next time you feel bored or stressed out, skip spending time in front of a screen and pick up one of these healthy hobbies to make some significant improvements to your wellbeing.


Apr 05

Maria Aleman, April’s Healthy Hero

Healthy HeroMeet this month’s Healthy Hero, Maria Aleman, a very special second grade teacher from Timberline KP-8.

Maria, what does your personal fitness routine look like?

I do Kickboxing three or four days a week, sometimes I go for a run around my neighborhood, I also take Zumba classes at the Rec Center in Longmont.


How do you prioritize healthy living?

I try to avoid going out for dinner and if I do, I look for restaurants that offer a menu similar to my new healthy style.


What are your favorite healthy foods?

Quinoa salad, grilled vegetables, quinoa or chickpea pasta, almond/coconut milk, organic sweet potatoes and of course salads.


What would you like to see within our schools to promote healthy living for SVVSD employees?

Healthy cooking classes.


What would be your Personal Healthy Tip?

Read books or find friends living a healthy lifestyle.


Thanks so much for inspiring us, Maria!!!

Your hard work motivates us all!

Apr 05

Don’t Miss St Vrain’s Happy Smackah!!!

This year’s Happy Smackah Fun Run or Walk will be benefiting Longmont High School’s Braden Stevenson. Read Braden’s story and sign up for the race here!

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Apr 03

Take a Walk, It’s National Walking Day!

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