November 2016 archive

Nov 28

Winter is Coming! Time to Strengthen Your Immune System

Germs— they’re everywhere! Whether you’re burrowed in the your cubicle or walking barefoot on the beach, you’re constantly, innocently bombarded by germs. It’s not all bad news, though. The choices we make day to day can go a long way in helping the body fight germs by arming ourselves with a powerful secret weapon—the immune …

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Nov 21

Grateful Today, Happier Tomorrow: The Benefits of Gratitude

  Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just your diet and exercise routine. A healthy lifestyle also includes a healthy mind. There are many ways to achieve a healthy mindset, and one of the easiest ways to do so is identifying what you are grateful for.  Read More >>

Nov 15

8 Tips for Eating a Healthy Restaurant Meal

Nov 14

This Week! Be Sure to Weigh In

Nov 14

Be Grateful For Your Health

  Being grateful, whether to a specific person or for just, say, waking up in the morning, contributes to your well being. In fact, in a study of character strengths, gratitude was found to be the single best predictor of a person’s well being.   Read More >>

Nov 14

4 Simple Steps to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Nov 11

How to Build a Better Sandwich

Nov 10

The Case for a Healthy Lunch

Nov 09

November’s Healthy Hero

We got the chance to chat with another one of the most Movin’ SVVSD employees from May’s Get Movin’ Challenge, Maria Gonsalez at Erie Elementary, to ask her about her tips and tricks to stay active and healthy throughout her busy schedule. Maria, how would you describe your fitness routine during the Get Movin’ Challenge? I would have long …

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Nov 08

Are You Ready for the Healthy Holiday Challenge?!