February 2017 archive

Feb 27

8 Ways to Rise Above the Chaos in Your Workplace

We’ve all been there. Things at work can get stressful. The stress escalates those situations until things start to feel out of control and you’re slowly losing your grip. Those situations can continue to heighten your stress levels—and we all know how harmful that can be for your mental and physical health. It can even …

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Feb 22

2017 Podcast List to Boost Motivation and Mindfulness

Feb 20

This, Not That! 10 Healthy Swaps to Make at Work

It’s true what we say—everyone is healthy. Every single person has some healthy habits in his or her life. Because even the smallest healthy choices count towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to recognize the importance of not only starting small, but making small changes throughout the journey towards better health. Small healthy changes add …

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Feb 14

12 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Heart

Happy heart month! For such an important muscle, hearts are ignored all too often. Don’t you think your heart deserves some recognition for its loyal, steady beat and for supplying blood to all of your organs? We think so! The month of February is a great time to put your focus back on your heart …

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Feb 13

Happy Heart Health Month!

During the month of February, individuals see the heart as the symbol for love. February is also American Heart Month, a time to show yourself some love. Cardiovascular disease (CVD)—which includes heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure—is the #1 killer of men and women in the U.S.! It is also the leading cause of …

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Feb 08

What’s in Season in February?

Feb 06

AHA’s District Heart Challenge

  It’s time to get ready for the American Heart Association’s District Heart Challenge with SVVSD!  You can join your school’s team to get involved for a healthier heart.  The first step is to make yourself official and register. Here are five easy steps to secure your spot on our team and start making steps …

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Feb 06

Make Your Own Standing Desk

  You’ve probably heard all the dangers of sitting the majority of your day. It’s a huge risk faced by today’s working folks because we tend to be tied to a computer desk all day long. Some solutions might seem like a great idea. But a lot of times, they don’t come without an expensive cost. One …

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Feb 01

February’s Healthy Hero

This month’s Healthy Hero is Pete (PJ) Juergensen. He teaches physical activity at Blue Mountain Elementary School and inspires not only his students to move throughout the day, but also his coworkers. We had the wonderful opportunity to ask PJ some questions. Your commitment to health is inspiring.  What does your personal fitness routine look like?  Wellness …

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