Maria Aleman, April’s Healthy Hero

Healthy HeroMeet this month’s Healthy Hero, Maria Aleman, a very special second grade teacher from Timberline KP-8.

Maria, what does your personal fitness routine look like?

I do Kickboxing three or four days a week, sometimes I go for a run around my neighborhood, I also take Zumba classes at the Rec Center in Longmont.


How do you prioritize healthy living?

I try to avoid going out for dinner and if I do, I look for restaurants that offer a menu similar to my new healthy style.


What are your favorite healthy foods?

Quinoa salad, grilled vegetables, quinoa or chickpea pasta, almond/coconut milk, organic sweet potatoes and of course salads.


What would you like to see within our schools to promote healthy living for SVVSDĀ employees?

Healthy cooking classes.


What would be your Personal Healthy Tip?

Read books or find friends living a healthy lifestyle.


Thanks so much for inspiring us, Maria!!!

Your hard work motivates us all!

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