February’s Healthy Hero, Kristen Wilkensen

Congratulations to Kristen Wilkensen on being this months Healthy Hero!

Your commitment to fitness is inspiring.  What does your personal fitness routine look like?

I love my Treadmill! I try to get on it every day.  I feel like It’s great for my mind and body.  I also stay active with my horses.

What are some things you do to prioritize healthy living?

I do my best to stay active!  I’ve found that not sitting around being negative makes for a more positive day and helps me to realize that being healthy is easier than I thought

What are your favorite healthy foods?

I love Poke bowls.  They are fast, easy and overall convenient.

What would you like to see in our schools to promote healthy living for SVVSD employees?

Make a small space in the buildings for indoor exercise equipment like treadmills and bikes. Something to do during a lunch hour etc.

What would be your Personal Healthy Tip?


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