Your Wellness Team


Join The Cause!  Are you energetic and excited about your wellness as well as others? We want you!

Thank you for volunteering to be a wellness site advocate at your building or school.  The mission of our Wellness Council is to “To establish a culture of health and wellness that encourages lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes, fosters a healthy environment, and improves the quality of life for our employees and community.”   How do we accomplish this? We have teamed with our health and EAP benefit providers including UMR, Kaiser and ComPsych, to promote and encourage health and well-being at St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Many classes, programs and events are already planned for this school year, including Healthy Connections (weight management program), On-site Flu Shots, Biometric Screenings, and more. We need your help to get the word out to the staff at your site so they are aware of these resources and benefits, often at no cost, to them.

Along with leadership at your site, please decide the best way to communicate wellness information with your co-workers. Ideas include designating a bulletin board, in a staff lounge or elsewhere, that is devoted to wellness flyers and information. Or, like we do at ESC, attach flyers to bathroom stall doors for what we call “stall talk” as a way to reach a captive audience. Please decide what works best for your site. In addition to you communicating to staff, please let us know at or when attending the site advocate meetings (to be held 4 times per year) what wellness-related staff events or activities are happening where you work. We want to hear about the wellness focused things that we know are already happening around St. Vrain.

If you have questions, please contact any of the Wellness Council members. Also, please see the list of our site advocates if your site is not listed then they are missing an advocate. Do you know a wellness champion at any of these sites?

Once again, thank you for volunteering to join our Wellness Team. This is a volunteer position and all work will need to be done outside your normal work hours.   Please get prior approval, using the “Classified Employees Pre-Approval Form for Professional Development/Course Work” from your supervisor and complete the “Classified Employees Pre-Approval Form” if relevant.

Be well