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Feb 16

32 fun ways to burn calories

Find out just how many calories you burn doing your favorite activities. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore — there are a variety of fun things to do that are also calorie scorchers. This chart offers a range of activity ideas, including the estimated number of calories burned while doing them for one …

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Feb 12

Workout Nutrition

Proper nutrition before and after your workouts is key, as it will help you effectively power through your routine and enable your body to recover and recoup after you’re done. You may see ads or hear about new powders or pills that promise to deliver the best fuel for your workout. However, it’s very important …

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Feb 09

How exercise really affects the functions of your brain

Hardly a day goes by without new scientific research highlighting the advantages of physical exercise for improving cognitive function and mental health. Indeed, recent studies have proven that exercise has a profound impact in reducing depression, anxiety and ADHD whilst boosting levels of neurological chemicals responsible for regulating mood and improving concentration. Read full article …

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Feb 07

Portion Control Guide

Confused about serving sizes? These visual cues can help you easily estimate them. Contrary to what you might think, portion control does not require taking drastic measures. Memorizing a complete inventory of food serving sizes or carrying measuring cups with you to meals just isn’t necessary. Simply use these serving size guide illustrations to help …

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Feb 06

February’s Healthy Hero, Kristen Wilkensen

Congratulations to Kristen Wilkensen on being this months Healthy Hero! Your commitment to fitness is inspiring.  What does your personal fitness routine look like? I love my Treadmill! I try to get on it every day.  I feel like It’s great for my mind and body.  I also stay active with my horses. What are …

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Feb 02

Heart Disease Prevention

One in four deaths are due to heart disease. Come learn the latest ways to prevent America’s #1 killer with Dr. Nelson Trujillo, cardiologist with the Boulder Valley Care Network.   February 21, 2018 12:00 – 1:00PM ESC Boardroom Register Here

Feb 02

Did you Miss Walking and Weight Loss?

Feb 01

What’s in Season in February?

Jan 24

4 Ways to Make New Habits Stick

Build confidence. Focus on strategies that play to your strengths and your skills. Consider how you have succeeded in the past, and build your plan from there. Past experiences — good or bad — are learning opportunities and should be seen as a useful tool in tackling new goals with optimism. Create a routine. An eating or …

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Jan 18

Weight Watchers at Work

Weight watchers at work is back! SVVSD will be offering a 12 week weight watchers session that will be on-site at a location near you. If you are interested in attending one of the following meetings, please RSVP here!