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Feb 02

Did you Miss Walking and Weight Loss?

Aug 25

Text Neck Syndrome

Aug 25

Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk or in the Classroom

Jun 16

Join Team St. Vrain at the Sunrise Stampede

May 30

Sunrise Stampede Registration Information & Discount for SVVSD Staff

Apr 06

11 Healthy Hobbies You Can Start Today

Practicing a lifestyle of holistic wellness includes more than eating right and working out. It also includes making time for yourself and doing things you love. Spending your down time on your favorite hobbies benefits your overall wellbeing in many ways. According to a 2015 study, engaging in leisure activities was defined as “self-selected, self-rewarding …

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Apr 03

Take a Walk, It’s National Walking Day!

Apr 03

5 Simple Tips for Workplace Wellness

Feb 20

This, Not That! 10 Healthy Swaps to Make at Work

It’s true what we say—everyone is healthy. Every single person has some healthy habits in his or her life. Because even the smallest healthy choices count towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to recognize the importance of not only starting small, but making small changes throughout the journey towards better health. Small healthy changes add …

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Feb 14

12 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Heart

Happy heart month! For such an important muscle, hearts are ignored all too often. Don’t you think your heart deserves some recognition for its loyal, steady beat and for supplying blood to all of your organs? We think so! The month of February is a great time to put your focus back on your heart …

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