Aug 05

August’s Healthy Hero-Jane Frederick

IMG_0077Jane is the districts Senior Accountant and has been with the district since 2003.

vw: Jane, your commitment to fitness is inspiring.  What does your personal fitness routine look like?

Jane: Finding a happy balance between sleep, trying to exercise daily and eating healthy.

vw: What are some things you do to prioritize healthy living?

Jane: I try and set aside time to exercise.  I don’t watch tv, instead I walk, run on the weekends and ride my bike.

vw: What are your favorite healthy foods?

Jane: Protein shakes packed with kale.  Salmon and chicken.  I try to be consistent with lots of veggies, fruits and low amounts of carbs.

vw: What would you like to see in our schools healthy future for the staff?

Jane: I would like for the staff to continue finding things to do as a group within the departments.  Like group walking.  This way we can motivate each other.

vw: Jane, what would be your Personal Healthy Tip?

Jane: Moderation & Consistency

Jane rides her bike or walks to work daily.  Rain or shine you will see Jane making the 1.5 mile trek to and from work.  Even during the day you will see her walking about.  Another enjoyment of Jane’s is playing keyboard for 2 bands.  You could call this her “mental fitness”.


Jul 30

Join Our Wellness Team!

huddleAre you energetic?  Are you excited about your well being, as well as your fellow co-workers?  Do you enjoy fun challenges?  Are you looking for healthy info and recipes?  If you answered yes to one or all of these WE WANT YOU!!!!  Visit the Site Advocate tab to learn more.



Jun 17

June’s Wellness Newsletter

And the winner is…..

To find out who the winners were in LiveWell Longmont’s Get Movin’ Challenge and see who the winners were in the Building-To-Building challenge click below to download the latest Wellness newsletter

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Jun 16

Bike To Work Day with SVVSD

Make sure to register for Bike to Word Day go to this link and register under SVVSD as your team.

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Jun 04

Share Your Experience

Share your thoughts on your most recent interaction with a wellness initiative or program for St. Vrain.